Firm Overview

Since 1983, Popp Hutcheson PLLC has devoted 100 percent of its practice to representing property owners for the purpose of reducing their property tax liability.

Start to Finish

Popp Hutcheson delivers “one stop shopping” to its clients, offering services from the administrative level to the trial and appellate levels — a unique business model in Texas.  Few firms, if any, offer this bundled support.  Traditionally in Texas, property owners have used  tax consultants at the administrative level and separately employed attorneys at the trial level.

Our clients inform us that the traditional approach is neither the most efficient process nor the best way to maximize results. One stop shopping for our clients limits the spending of unnecessary time and resources in selecting and educating multiple consultants and attorneys for the same property and valuation process.

“Start to Finish” provides the client multiple added benefits, ensuring  the lowest property tax liability possible:

  • Allows more comprehensive understanding of the client and property;
  • Attorney-client confidentiality requirements protect client information;
  • Eliminates potential competing agendas between separate consultants and attorneys;
  • Our lawyers and consultants understand and practice valuation – each  prepares valuation reports and attends Appraisal Review Board hearings throughout Texas.

Property Tax Leaders

To guarantee the greatest likelihood of success in your property tax matters, hiring leaders in the field to represent you and your business makes a difference.

Popp Hutcheson is recognized nationally as a leader in the property tax field.  Our attorneys and consultants endeavor to be the best in their field, attending seminars and class offering, providing in-house education to our attorneys and consultants as well as to our clients, and pursuing professional designations.  Two areas in particular matter significantly to Popp Hutcheson: writing and lobbying.

  • Authoring and publishing articles educates clients and industry participants on  cutting edge issues and allows your ideas to withstand challenges of outside scrutiny;
  • We lecture frequently at IPT, APTC, and other industry conferences on a variety of property tax related matters;
  • We spend a considerable amount of time working with the Texas Legislature and TTARA to improve the state’s property tax system;

Client Communication and Service

We strive to communicate effectively with our clients and to offer valuable assistance not only with their property tax matters but with their business.

  • We are committed to a two hour phone call return policy;
  • We arrange and present client seminars for keeping clients informed about property tax issues and in touch with others in the industry;
  • We are developing  property tax software for use only by our clients.

National Presence

Popp Hutcheson PLLC is the sole Texas representative of the American Property Tax Counsel (APTC).  APTC is an invitation-only organization consisting of the single leading property tax law firm in each state, and it can be a valuable resource for clients with properties across the nation.