PH is the preferred property tax service provider for many National and Local hotel organizations and associations.  Our professionals hold the highest designations in the industry and with our unique blend of appraisers, consultants and attorneys, our clients hotels are professionally represented from protest through litigation.

We recognize the individuality of each client and develop a strategy that emphasizes the issues most important to your property.  While fundamental valuation theory applies across all hotels, each hospitality asset’s unique characteristics are critical to accurately understand its underlying value. Our extensive combination of strong valuation fundamentals, detailed operational knowledge and comprehensive knowledge of the Texas Property Tax Code can help you resolve issues such as:

Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence

PH can assist in your underwriting to better understand potential property tax implications before the transaction.

Annual Accruals and Budgeting

Our  experience extends to understanding changes within the property tax laws and variances inside appraisal districts that can help evaluate future tax liabilities.

Property Uses

PH possesses experience in asset valuation for every use of the hospitality industry from conference centers to resorts to convention hotels and mixed-use developments.


Our valuation experience ranges from the most basic of economy-segmented assets to the most recognized and prestigious of luxury assets.

Full Service Representation

PH is truly a full service firm with “start to finish” representation for our clients. Our “start to finish” representation refers to our unique ability to represent you at the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) “start” and continue your case to District Court “finish”, if necessary.

PH’s hospitality and leisure clients benefit from our reputation, responsiveness, leading industry data, participation in the industry, firm developed education-sessions,comprehensive analysis and professional advocates.  Our extensive engagement experience, combined with our strong reputation in the industry, often makes us the first choice for many high-profile institutions, managers and owners.

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