Start to Finish Approach

Popp Hutcheson is truly a full-service firm, offering “start to finish” property tax representation to our clients.

Our firm delivers “one-stop representation,” serving clients from the administrative level to the trial and appellate levels—a unique business model in Texas. Few firms, if any, offer this level of comprehensive and strategic coverage. In Texas, property owners have traditionally engaged tax consultants at the administrative level and employed separate attorneys at the trial level. By working with Popp Hutcheson, our clients eliminate spending unnecessary time and resources selecting and educating multiple consultants and attorneys for the same property and valuation process.

“Start to finish” helps us ensure the lowest property tax liability possible for our clients, and it provides multiple added benefits:

  • Our firm develops a more comprehensive understanding of the client and property.
  • Attorney-client confidentiality requirements protect client information, even at the administrative level.
  • Potential for competing agendas between separate consultants and attorneys is eliminated.
  • Clients are assured that advocates representing them deeply understand and practice valuation. Each attorney and consultant on our team prepares valuation analyses and attends Appraisal Review Board hearings across Texas.