Daniel Gonzalez,

Special Advisor for Governmental Affairs

Daniel Gonzalez serves as Popp Hutcheson’s Special Advisor for Governmental Affairs and has over 20 years of experience in many facets of state government and the regulatory structures. From 2000-2019, Daniel worked with the Texas Association of REALTORS (now known as Texas REALTORS), the largest trade association in the great state of Texas.

Daniel was ultimately promoted to Chief Lobbyist and Director of Legislative Affairs. He is the longest-serving and most successful person to hold this position within the REALTOR organization. His responsibilities included legislative and regulatory lobbying, political fundraising and disbursement, independent expenditure engagement, grassroots development, and partnering with local REALTOR board governments affairs directors. He was also instrumental in many statewide issue campaigns, developing statewide initiatives and goals, and assisting in the development of the largest trade association political action committees (TREPAC).

Daniel has successfully advocated in the following public policy issues: property taxation, real estate, transportation, title insurance, energy, public education, appraisals, eminent domain, water, financial, and campaign finance reform. In addition, Daniel successfully led in passing passing five constitutional amendments; one of which constitutionally prohibited real estate transfer fees in Texas.

Daniel continues to engage with the Texas REALTORS as a long-term consultant and seeks to bring his knowledge and talents to other clients seeking unparalleled representation and success.