Luke Beausoleil,

Principal | CFO

Luke P. Beausoleil is a principal at Popp Hutcheson and the firm’s chief financial officer. Luke joined the firm in 2008 after spending 15 years in investment management in various senior leadership positions. He serves the firm in numerous capacities, with a primary emphasis on day-to-day management, operational efficiency, and contractual agreements for the firm. He chairs both the firm’s Logistics Committee and Litigation Committee, and he is a member of the Client Connection Committee.

Luke’s role is to enable our team to be of service to our clients, and he has implemented numerous initiatives to enhance our client services. Luke has developed and operationalized client-centered approaches to invoicing, refund tracking and reconciliation, and reporting, and he has worked with several tax offices to improve how they process client refunds. Luke continually finds ways to improve and expand the services we provide to our clients.

Luke received his B. B.A. from the University of Houston with a concentration in finance.