Business Personal Property

At Popp Hutcheson we have assembled a team of professionals with wide-ranging industry experience to serve your personal property needs.

Business personal property taxation is complex. Businesses often overlook key areas, paying more in personal property taxes than necessary. Issues like the utilization rates of machinery or plant and process design can directly impact the value of personal property. Additionally, many business owners render assets they no longer possess and often do not seize opportunities to reclassify assets to speed depreciation. Popp Hutcheson’s team of appraisers, consultants, and attorneys can help identify opportunities for tax savings, like these, to ensure your business only pays its fair share of personal property taxes.

Our personal property team is committed to providing our clients with superior service. Our business personal property services include (but are not limited to):

  • Rendition Preparation
  • Utilization
  • Asset Depreciation Analysis
  • Complex Property Valuation
  • Audit Defense
  • Inventory Valuation Strategies
  • Proper Disposal of Assets
  • Valuation Tracking and Review
  • Exemption and Abatement Feasibility
  • Appeals
  • Litigation

Popp Hutcheson’s clients benefit from our experience and relationships in Texas and throughout the nation.

Meet Our Business Personal Property Team